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Globus Intelligence Ltd specialises in global investigation of serious and complex criminal, financial and maritime cases on behalf of private fee-paying clients across international jurisdictions.

Equally important to Globus, are poor, disadvantaged and vulnerable clients and Globus selects appropriate pro bono cases to service their needs especially when children are kidnapped, trafficked and/or abused.

The Globus multi-disciplinary team of investigators, lawyers and forensic specialists often work in extremely challenging, dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations on behalf of our clients. The team’s diverse backgrounds and extensive international experience in challenging environments, makes the Globus Team perfectly placed to deliver such niche professional client services.

The Globus Team has gained an unenviable reputation for taking-on and winning seemingly impossible cases. They are renowned for not giving up until all possible client threats, avenues of investigation and potential leads are exhausted, thereby providing irrefutable evidence for clients which is capable of being admissible in any court in the world due to our exacting evidential standards of preparation and disclosure.

We clear the names of those unjustly accused of serious crimes.

In financial cases, we identify the backers and recover the proceeds of crime.

In kidnapping cases, we return those taken to their families.

In maritime cases, we identify the crimes, the perpetrators and provide evidence to the pertinent maritime authorities or private clients.

In child abuse cases, we identify the perpetrators and work with the judicial authorities to ensure prosecution and assure that they are brought to account.

We identify those perverting the course of justice.

We provide reassurance through integrity.

We fearlessly uncover the evidence and ensure justice is done.

Our clients come first. This is the Globus promise.