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Globus undertakes financial crime investigations in challenging jurisdictions such as Africa, Offshore Centres, South America, The Middle East, India, and China, as well as across Europe.  Our multi-disciplinary team of lawyers and investigators offers a one-stop shop to government, corporate, professional, trust and private clients.

Fraud comes in many guises, from a small and individually-organised scam, to one planned on a corporate or worldwide scale. Depending on the complexity of the operation, the investigation may include surveillance, tracing and undercover operations, with additional skills focusing on specific and intricate areas such as forensic accountancy also being deployed as necessary.

Corruption is undoubtedly one of the biggest risks a corporation faces in contemporary business life. Corruption may vary from the crude bribe, such as a suitcase of cash given to a state president in return for access to prime land and natural resources, to a sophisticated operation involving a complex web of agents, consultants and intermediaries.

For example, public works contracts in developing countries are big business, presenting an interface between the multi-national corporation and the relevant local government, often leading to corruption. Globus can provide the investigatory infrastructure to unravel the corruption framework. Aside from investigations in the country where the corrupt act is said to have happened, Globus can assist in investigating and unravelling whether the corrupt act is a one-off or a complex worldwide organised system.

Globus is equipped to design strategies to trace the criminal perpetrators, mitigate the effects of the crime and trace fraudulent commodities, which are more often than not offshore by the time the fraud is discovered.

Globus’ expertise in offshore jurisdictions is extensive and includes an expert knowledge of mutual assistance treaties and “Bankers Trust” type remedies which are often the key to cracking “invisible” offshore audit trails.